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   Our Lip Balm is handmade using high quality oils, butters and Beeswax. We feel the combination of our three key ingredients is what makes our lip balm a cut above the rest. We combine pure unrefined virgin coconut oil, Lanolin & Beeswax. Lanolin has a deep moisturizing effect it locks existing moisture into the skin and absorbs additional moisture from the air around it. Beeswax has similar properties as lanolin with a few added benefits, beeswax can help protect our lips from the harmful rays of the sun and it can also help prevent infections and cold sores. These ingredients plus a few other outstanding oils have helped us create a recipe that combines the best of many solid and liquid oils, making it very moisturizing and protective.

Our lip Balm comes in many flavors.

Cherry  - Strawberry  -  Coconut Lemongrass  -  Watermelon  -  Peppermint  -  Grape -

Double Bubble  -  Original


Our Lip balms contain:  Beeswax(Local), Unrefined Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba oil, Lanolin, Vitamin E and Flavor.


Allergy Warning:

We use Sweet Almond oil in our Lip Balm. Please do not use our regular Lip Balm if you have Tree nut allergies. Send me a email informing me of your allergy to nut oils and choose the flavor you prefer. I will be more than happy to make you your own Lip Balm that is free of all nut oils.


Care & Handling

     We strive to use natural ingredients in our products and choose not to use preservatives in any of our products. So this means our products do have a shelf life. Don't worry, you will have plenty of time to enjoy our products.  The shelf life of our lip balms is approximately 6 months.  With lip balms the amount ofthe trade off is there is less of the good stuff like coconut oil and shea butter.  As of now we don't want to make that trade off,   We want our products to be as moisturizing as they can be, so enough beexwax is used to make a mildly firm lip balm.  Keeping the tubes in your pocket or purse will be fine but I wouldn't recommend leaving a tube of your lip balm on the dashboard during a sunny, summer afternoon.


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