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Sending a gift basket during the holidays is a excellent way of letting someone know that you are thinking of them.  Receiving this unique gift can be a very special moment for the recipient. You'll be taking the time to send a gift filled with reminders that you are thinking of that person. We know how important a thoughtful gift can be and we take care to create these beautiful Holiday Baskets.


Large Baskets: 3 Bars of Handcrafted Soap, 2 - 8oz. Sugar Scrub,  4 Bath Bombs, 2 Lip Balms and 2 Hand Soaps For $49.95


Medium Baskets: 2 Bars of Handcrafted Soap,  2 - 8oz. Sugar Scrub,  3 Bath Bomb, 2 Lip Balms and 1 Hand Soap For $39.95


Small Baskets: 2 Bars of Handcrafted Soap, 8oz. Sugar Scrub,  1 Bath Bombs, 2 Lip Balms, For $29.95


Birthday Baskets: A Bar of Handcrafted Soap,  8 oz. Sugar Scrub,  A Bath Bomb and a Lip Balm for $19.95

A greeting tag (please let me know if you would like something written on your gift tag)

*  Please indicate your choice of scents in all products for the baskets in the notes section of the checkout page*

*In general I will match your Soap scent to your choice of Sugar Scrub scent. If you would like to choose a different scent just email me your request and I will be  happy to accomedate you*

*If you would like to create your own gift basket with any products of your choice just email your request and I will do my best*

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